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discount ink cartridges

discount ink cartridges

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We all know that the lack of aboriginal ink cartridges can hamper the performance of your printer in the long run. Its performance will be terribly affected, and so will your printing experience. The fake and duplicate printer cartridges which include refilled cartridges can result in problems like ink and toner leakage.

This will not only result in blotting while printing, but also can damage your printer. So, if you are having a Canon printer, then you must go for its original cartridges. Canon printer ink cartridges can be easily procured in their own outlets or any other branded showroom.

Why Canon

The premature replacement of cheap and fake ink cartridges can prove to be unnecessarily expensive for your printers. The other minute problems like unscheduled troubles or break downs can altogether snowball into an overall loss in productivity and your business. And whatever you save from your cheap and fake cartridges gets spent on printer repairing.

The products of Canon are enriched by technology and this is all because of their investment in evolving and developing newer printing technology. They strive to give an increasingly user-friendly experience with their products. These cartridges have reached a certain level of proficiency where their customers can relax and enjoy quality performance and outstanding deliverance.

Though, the price of Canon cartridges along with other brands is quite high, but if we consider the overall performances and time saved in unwanted hassles, it proves to be economical. Their discount of 10 percent that runs off and on gives the consumer a good saving on every selling of Canon ink cartridge.

With the assurance of qualitative production, each product of Canon follows European standards. You can also avail non-Canon products such as compatible ink-jet cartridges, printer ink refills which are made especially for Canon printers, or genuine ink cartridges made by Canon.

The suitability of these cartridges for any medium, be it rough or smooth paper, make them the perfect product to rely on. The high performance level of these cartridges make them an ideal fuel-supplier and also improves the performance of your printer.

Discover 7 Simple Steps on Replacing Canon Printer Ink Cartridges Within Few Minutes!

It is important to know how to change your printer ink properly and the process is not difficult at all. It might take you a little practice for your first time, but you will easily get the hang of it.

So, what are the 7 simple steps on replacing your empty ink cartridges in your canon printer? It is this...

1. Buy your Canon Printer Ink Cartridges that match to your Canon model and series number. It is important that you buy it right; otherwise, you will be wasting your money on something that is useless. However, Canon inks are versatile, and your selection will be as simple as choosing between black, color or a mix pack with black and color

2. After you have your new cartridge on hand, you could turn on your printer and open the lid

3. Wait a moment and the cartridge will move to the center for your further handling

4. Now, you could remove the cartridges by placing your finger behind the used cartridges and pull it out towards you until it pops out. It is always recommend to recycle the used ones to your near office supplies store

5. You might now open your new cartridge and carefully pull out the plastic tab. Do not touch the strip under the tap because you will damage it if you do so.

6. Put the new one into the cartridge carrier and make sure it is facing the right position

7. You could now close the lid and print a test page to ensure proper installation

 It is always recommended to use Canon printer ink cartridge for quality purposes and also have a backup cartridge on hand in order to avoid a last-minute trip to the store.

The Amazing Feature of Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges
You often wonder what could be the best ink for your usage when you are into printing and taking photos from your printer. With so many printer ink cartridges available these days, you have tremendous options to look for the best. With concerns over the cost of ink cartridge, and your ways of looking for both quality and economy, more focus is laid on saving money on printer cartridges.

It is beyond any doubt that we receive good outputs in printed documents using the genuine printer cartridge, but choosing between cost and quality puts even a smart buyer into dilemma. It is entirely up to you how much you can spend on a printer ink cartridge which gives you the same quality output as the original cartridge.

Genuine cartridges come with the ease of warranty or replacement of item for customers. But their market cost is the main hindrance that deters any consumer to opt for them. However, one reason to opt for such costly cartridges is that you are entirely backed up with the warranty. And in case of any defect, you can avail free service but charges are inflicted if the change is major.

On the other hand, re-manufactured or refilled printer cartridges offer the same warranty and benefits without any charge. Cost is the main factor that favours re-manufactured cartridges over genuine cartridges. Apart from that, a compatible cartridge also allow you to receive the same kind of services you need when the item is defective.

Their warranty arrangements are thoroughly structured which means that no matter how defective your cartridge is, the item is replaced as long as it's bound within the warranty. However, these cartridges from the compatible products are examined, quality-checked, electronically and even tested manually to make sure that the cartridges give 100% performance.

According to the above information, one can be confident that the compatible cartridge one is using will deliver performance as good as genuine cartridges. Not only this, these compatible cartridges are also made keeping the environment in mind. Hence, purchasing a compatible cartridge will give you the same kind of quality printing you're expecting from a genuine cartridge. And the best part is that you get all the basic benefits of genuine cartridges at reasonable rates.

The Hassle Free Way to Replace Your Ink Cartridges
Having your own printer is the ultimate convenience, especially if you need to print off an important document unexpectedly. If you are a student or work from home your printer is most likely indispensable to you. So why do we wait till the ink levels are too low to successfully print our work before buying replacement cartridges? Purchasing ink can be stressful. Each model of printer requires its own specific cartridge and if you do not note down the model of your printer finding the corresponding cartridge will become a very frustrating experience.

Be Prepared-Your printer will give out an warning when your ink levels are running low, take this opportunity to purchase your ink cartridges before it runs out completely.

Buy Ink in Bulk-Once you are in the process of purchasing ink cartridges it is a good idea to stock up on your chosen cartridge to ensure you never run out of ink. Buying more than one ink cartridge at the same time can save you money. Browse the internet for the companies who sell ink and find the best deal online.

Shop Online-If you are looking for the ultimate stress free shopping experience go online for your ink cartridges. Buying ink in the comfort of your own home has many advantages. You can refer to the model name of your printer while browsing the cartridges available. You will also benefit from the best deals on the web. Your chosen ink solutions will then be delivered to your door step.

What Should You Do With Your Old Epson Ink Cartridges?
It's time for you to get rid of your old Epson ink cartridges and purchase new ones. Your cartridge has been good to you, lasting for a lot longer than you thought it would, but now purples are printing out, looking much more like just a line of red and a line of blue than the colors you desired. This means that it's time for you to invest in a new ink cartridge. But what do you do with your old one? Do you just throw it into the trash?

Your Options

There are actually a number of different options that you can select from when you're deciding what you want to do with your old cartridge. The first thing that you might want to think about is refilling it. There are some companies that specialize in quality re-manufactured cartridges by offering a recycling plan. You pay for a mailing box, then you can send your used cartridge in. They'll repair it, refill it, and test it, then send it back to you. It's a great way to save money and keep an old cartridge out the landfill too.

You can always refill your cartridges yourself, but this is not necessarily a good idea. While it is possible for you to purchase a refills kit that allows you to handle the procedure, it is a very messy business, and one that quite often winds up with ink on your clothes, on the floor, and all over your work surface.

You can also resell them. There are a few companies that purchase ink from individuals, as well as businesses, in order to refill them. While most people do not want to purchase a cartridge that is refilled and that has already been used, it is a good idea for you to make money off of your old toner by selling it!

In order to sell your cartridge, the first thing you have to do is to find out who is purchasing them. There are a few different quality companies online, and, quite often, simply typing "sell old printer cartridge" into a search engine will take you exactly where you want to go.

But how much can you really make? It depends on how high the demand is. If you have an older printer, you may be able to make up to $10 per cartridge simply because they're not as available as they once were, and customers want to purchase these older models. The average, however, is generally under $3.50 per cartridge. While it won't pay your car payment, it can add up fairly quickly. These companies then refill and resell them at a discount to their own customers.


If you do not want to refill yours, and you don't have the time to resell it, recycling is the best idea. Speak with your local recycling center for the appropriate procedures. They will be able to tell you what you need to do in order to recycle the cartridge. Often you will need to do nothing more than to bring your cartridge to the correct place at the correct time.

Printer Ink Cartridges
How do printer ink cartridges affect your bottom line? Do you have more than one printer in the office? Would you like to know what you are spending on office printing? Are you considering a new printer and would like a simple way to compare the costs of different brands and models?

Due to the huge and ever changing range of printers available for sale, the cost to print on individual printers can vary greatly. Regardless if your printer is a laser printer or an inkjet the following steps outline the easy to calculate which one is the most economical to use.

Identify all of the consumable components of your printer (toners/printer ink cartridges, drums, fuser units). The easiest way to do this is to check your printer manual, or contact your printer cartridge supplier.

Identify the price you are paying per consumable, or its Recommended Retail Price.

Identify the number of pages each consumable is reported to print. The industry standard of print yield (pages the consumable will print) is 5%. This means that a standard page of text, such as a letter, will print on approximately 5% of the page (if you folded a page 20 times, one square would be 5%). Of course if you print a high proportion of graphics on your page, your print yields will be much lower.

How to Save Money on Ink Cartridges For Your Business
If you business is like most others, using inkjet printers and ink cartridges have become a part of daily life. And have you ever noticed that your printers seem to run out of ink at precisely the wrong time? Production slowdowns are definitely not good for your bottom line. You can save money, time and angst by shopping online for your company's ink cartridges. Let's take a look at how you can streamline the purchasing process.

What Type of Ink Cartridges Should You Buy?

The major inkjet printer brands, including Hewlett Packard, Epson, Dell, Lexmark, and Brother have quite a few different models. The cartridges are not necessarily interchangeable. What works in one printer will probably not work in the other, so it is very important when you order online that you order for the proper brand name and model. If you buy the wrong cartridge you will be responsible for the additional cost of shipping it back for an exchange. Another choice is to refill for your ink cartridges. It is ecologically sound and you can save a bit of money up front by refilling your cartridges. However there is a downside. It's often a messy and time consuming job.

An alternate viable money saving option would be to buy remanufactured ink cartridges. These are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges that are rebuilt and reloaded with printers ink. In addition to saving money, remanufactured inkjet cartridges are much better for the environment. Cartridges that would otherwise go into landfills are now being used.

It's imperative that you buy your remanufactured cartridges from a reputable company because if the quality of the ink is inferior it may ruin your printer. When choosing a company look for one that also offers OEM cartridges as well as remanufactured cartridges. You may also want to dig a little deeper and see if you can find their customer service rating. Common sense dictates that you order from a well established company rather than a start up.

What Company Should You Buy From?

After you've found the best prices from the most reputable companies, look for those that offer free shipping. Read their terms so you understand their return and shipping policies.

If you have any questions about anything you've read just send them an email before you order. In addition to getting your questions answered you will get a better feel for the quality of their customer service.

Discover the Benefits of Using Ink Cartridge Refills Now!
Ink cartridges create a lot of environmental pollution. There is a lot of energy used up to make plastic and resulting pollution. Also it takes a lot of time to decompose. Almost a thousand years are needed for plastic to decompose properly. So cartridges that are dumped off start piling up in local landfills and incinerators and cause major environmental damage. One way of controlling this is recycling. You may send back your used empty ink for recycling and at the same time you may buy recycled ones from the market. All recycled ink carry tags that indicate that they have been recycled.

The other way of reducing environmental harm caused by cartridges is to refill your inks. You can take your dry cartridge to the nearest facility to be refilled. You can also do the refilling yourself at home with recycling kits. There are different recycling kits available in the market for the different brands available. However it contains parts that wear off easily. So it cannot be refilled a great number of times. Usually you can be refilled it about three times. Laser printers use ink drums can be refilled about two times.

To refill an ink-jet ink, you can get from your nearest store a suitable refill kit. Give your dealer complete info about the printer 's made and model to get precisely the kit you need. Drill a hole in the cartridge with a soldering iron and fill it with the ink. It is advisable to fill only a little so that not much ink is wasted if it goes bad. After filling it, you need to seal the hole with tape.

Some Valuable Facts About Compatible Ink Cartridges
Compatible ink cartridges are the ones manufactured by the third party. They are manufactured for different types of printers. They are not the branded ones. They are manufactured in a way that they suit the purpose of the printer. But one thing must be nicely verified before purchasing this type of cartridge. The ink used in these cartridges must suit all types of paper.

What are the advantages?

Unlike the original branded ones they are highly popular. These are the reasons behind its popularity:

* They are much cheaper. They are manufactured by a third party; they charge less on their product. The ink quality is also superb.

* These cartridges have larger ink content. Therefore they will last longer. Thus they will cater your needs for a longer time.

* They are of superb quality. Their manufacturers give extra emphasis on the quality of the product. The quality is as good as the original ones.

Where can you get them?

These compatible ones are most cost effective. So these will be your preference. You can search your local yellow pages and find out the supplier of the appropriate cartridge for your printer. Call them and tell about your printer model. If they have it then you can purchase it. Another option can be browsing through the magazines or newspapers. Sometimes these compatible cartridge manufacturers advertise their product in it.

The last and final option is the internet. You may visit the website of these suppliers and choose your suitable product. But be careful to check whether it is compatible with your type of printer or not. Find out if the supplier has any return policy. If your cartridge does not match with right type you can return it.

Most Common Canon Printer and Canon Ink Cartridge Problems and Troubleshooting
There is a large array of Canon Printers that are available for your purchase. Quite a number of them are at the top of the popularity charts when it comes to choosing a printer and accessories for home or office. The best part about Canon printer and ink cartridge problems is that more often than not they can be troubleshot very easily.

Here are a few problems that one might encounter while using Canon Printer and Canon Ink Cartridges.

Printer Jam

One of the most frustrating problems faced by a Canon printer user would be paper jams. These are not restricted to Canon printers alone, but all printers can gives this problem at one time or another. There are various reasons why printers jam. The accumulation of dirt could be one of the reasons, and so could the fact that the wrong type of paper is being used. Another reason for printer jam could be the fact that the printer rollers have worn down. The best way to troubleshoot this problem would be to keep all printer components clean. Moreover, replace the roller after a given time.

Driver Problems

Another common Canon printer problem is the 'Driver' error. At times, a message might pop onto your screen saying 'Cant find the driver for the operating system' The problem revolves around new operating systems requiring new drivers for an old or existing printer. This, as can be seen, is a software problem and as such is not a printer problem in its entirety. You have to load a new driver to troubleshoot this particular problem.

No Print

At times, you might give the order for print, but there is no print. The paper just goes into the printer, and comes out as clear as it was when it went inside. There is absolutely no print. The reason for this could be an empty ink cartridge. The answer to your problem, in this case, would be to get a new ink cartridge or refill the cartridge. Another reason for this problem could be the clogging of the cartridge head. In such cases, you need to get the head unclogged using the various printer tools at your disposal. More often than not, in such problems the printer will display an error message, which will tell you exactly what has gone wrong. You can address the problem accordingly.

Another Ink Cartridge Problem

There is no doubt that replacing your empty ink cartridges with brand new cartridges is an expensive process. Therefore, many people choose to refill the old cartridges or buy refurbished cartridges. The problem lies in the fact that at times, a Canon printer that you are using might not recognize the refurbished cartridge, or a cartridge of a different manufacturer. Also, when you put in third party ink or cartridge, the manufacturer's warranty is void. So, you cannot demand a maintenance service in case of problems. Therefore to avoid such a problem, make sure that you use only Canon compatible cartridges in your printer.

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